Injection or compression of composites

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DMM - Injection or compression of composites

Our experience in this domain extends to all sectors of activity and is suited to your needs for:

  • Transports
    Moulds for decorative parts or structural parts for the automobile sector, but also in the sectors of trucks, buses and agricultural vehicles, with decorative parts and structural parts of large dimensions.
  • Industry
    Moulds for technical parts with complex kinematics, making it possible to integrate multiple functions into products.
  • Handling and packing
    Moulds of large dimensions for single or multiple impressions, depending on the productivity sought.

… But also in any other domain to which injection or compression of composites is suited.

Materials transformed in our moulds

  • SMC-HP
  • SMC-BP
  • BMC
  • RTM
  • RIM
  • Multi-material composites


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