Materials handling and Packing

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We also contribute our expertise in the domain of products for materials handling and logistics (pallets, folding crates), by taking advantage of our skills related to tools of large dimensions and/or stacks and our capacity to optimise.

Example: folding crate, Galia crate, disposable pallets, handling pallets, trash bins, containment bin, packing bins and lids (all sizes), etc…

Materials handling and Packing
Mould of pallet
  • Weight: 10T
  • Dimensions: 2520x1450x723
  • Technology: Low pressure injection
Mould of bin cover
  • Weight: 15,5T
  • Dimensions: 1770x1510x978
  • Technology: Injection
Mould of folding crate
  • Weight: 23T
  • Dimensions: 1790x1150x1380
  • Technology: Thermoplastic injection for stack mould