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We work on significant and innovative projects for the transport market, notably automobiles, trucks, buses and tractors. For many years, we have been a veritable partner for these demanding sectors, which are seeking quality and reliability.

Example: truck cab, air deflector, wheel arch, step plate, bumper, round corner, grille, ventilation façade, fender support, grille screen, air guide, engine screens, tailgate, chassis apron, spare tyre case, etc.

DMM present in the transport sector
Mould for light fixture
  • Weight: 9,5T
  • Dimensions: 1460x1020x1120
  • Technology: Thermoplastic injection with casting mould inserts
Mould for air guide
  • Weight: 10T
  • Dimensions: 1200x950x1100
  • Technology: Bi-matter thermoplastic injection
Mould of sub-floor Deflector
  • Weight: 13T
  • Dimensions: 1560x835x1180
  • Technology: thermoplastic injection
Mould of Spare tyre base
  • Weight: 22,5T
  • Dimensions: 1800x1590x1640
  • Technology: SMC with sheet metal inserts for casting mould
Mould of lower basket
  • Weight: 25,2T
  • Dimensions: 2310x1580x1455
  • Technology: Thermoplastic injection
Mould for Strip
  • Weight: 7,3T
  • Dimensions: 1700x990x825
  • Technology: Thermoplastic injection
Mould for Tailgate
  • Weight: 34,7T
  • Dimensions: 2350x1970x1580
  • Technology: SMC
Mould for Spoiler
  • Weight: 23T
  • Dimensions: 2310x1550x1255
  • Technology: Thermoplastic injection