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Our teams also work in the construction and industry sectors, for which thermoplastics and composites provide technical solutions. As a result of our know-how and experience, we are able to meet the needs of these constantly-changing markets.

Example: unrecyclable packing, structural parts (reinforcement, gutters, supports and electrical panels, etc.)…

Construction and industry sectors
Mould for a gutter
  • Weight: 18T
  • Dimensions: 2200x1500x1000
  • Technologie: SMC with complex kinematics
Mould of photovoltaic tile
  • Weight: 12T
  • Dimensions: 1850x1460x850
  • Technologie: High temperature injection
Mould of fuse support
  • Weight: 11T
  • Dimensions: 1310x950x1260
  • Technologie: SMC
Mould of electrical box
  • Weight: 13T
  • Dimensions: 1500x1160x950
  • Technologie: SMC