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Historically, DMM focuses on the repair and maintenance of high capacity molds
Historically focused on repair and maintenance of large-capacity moulds, we are perpetuating these activities.

DMM/CLM proposes

  • Level 1 maintenance
  • Repair
    Repair includes the following operations: CAD/CAM, machining, TIG or Laser welding, Thermal Treatments, Surface Treatments
  • Reconstruction
    Modelling, digitisation, CAD/CAM
  • Optimisation
    Thermal and mechanical analyses, de-scaling, modification
  • Re-conditioning
    Re-conditioning of moulds from any sources, based on any technologies
DMM has historically been focused on repair and maintenance of large-capacity moulds. For DLM-CLM, maintenance is an activity which has been perpetuated over many years
Our extensive experience in maintenance and repair of moulds allows us to design and manufacture our tools with a view to practical and efficient maintenance.